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Play a functional role, highlighting the union charm
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New Year new Vientiane, Zhengzhou Ruitai pass the good news.
February 26 at 2:00 pm, Zhengzhou General Union level female appointed director Jinrong Xin and other leaders to come to Zhengzhou Ruitai examination and testing, accompanied by party secretary Xinmi trade union chairman Li Xia, Yue village mayor Yang Zhiqiang, Wang Hui and other leaders of the trade union chairman trade union work, the company Party branch secretary Wang Fuxiang, trade union chairman Cao Wei and other leaders gave a warm welcome.
First, listen to Zhengzhou Ruitai union president CAO for the year 2015, trade union report on its work over the past year in the establishment and improvement of trade unions and other working enterprise development and modern enterprise system are summarized; Zhengzhou City Jinrong Xin, director of the Federation of Trade Unions reports He affirmed and made valuable suggestions. The meeting held that: report theme, clear thinking, remarkable achievements, pragmatic and strong, closely actual trade union cadres, can stand on the position of enterprises and employees to work, give full play to the functions of the role of trade unions.
After the meeting, Party branch secretary Wang Fuxiang in the company, trade union chairman Cao Wei and other leaders led workers to place the activities of the acceptance and depth production line tour guide. Jinrong Xin of my company's production site environment and safety management gave a high evaluation, especially the trade unions to do the work place, really played the role of a bridge and link between the company and employees work.
Xiongguan Slow Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. 2016 Zhengzhou Ruitai union work will further play a functional role in the performance of their duties, in the new year to serve the interests of the company's development and employees escort, under the new normal circumstances, do better, to make new greater contribution!


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