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Zhengzhou Ruitai refractories company chief expert appointment ceremony held
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April 11, 2016 morning, held refractories chief expert in R & D Building, sixth floor lecture hall the ceremony, the ceremony was presided over by Deputy General Manager of Skandia Lin Yuan Science and Technology and Zhengzhou Skandia chairman. Team members, administrative personnel, technical personnel more than 70 people attended. Appointment of Henan University of Science Zhouning Sheng dean for my company monolithic refractories chief expert; chief expert Professor Yangdao Yuan Zhengzhou University of intelligent manufacturing refractories.

First by Zhouyuan Zhang made a wonderful report on "refractory lightweight way and significance" of. Zhouyuan Zhang reports around the new national low-carbon green energy policy, citing examples of many domestic and foreign research and development of refractory materials experts, and development of refractories proposed rationalization of the many proposals in the hope of Zhengzhou Ruitai can learn from each other, grasp the market direction introduce more like "low thermal tile" the same good product, better service to the market.

Finally, Yuan chairman made concluding remarks. Yuan said the total, China being the fourth industrial revolution, intelligent manufacturing time has come, Zhouyuan Zhang reports in time for technological research and development in Zhengzhou Ruitai clear direction. Colleges and universities are the two key institutions of the country, a blend of a large number of leading technology professionals. Zhengzhou Skandia and two colleges and universities have long-term friendly cooperation between the two sides in terms of talent, technology, and research base construction projects carried out extensive cooperation and achieved certain results. The appointment of two chief expert, will promote scientific and technological innovation Zhengzhou Ruitai work to a new level, boosting research joint innovation system, open a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing refractories.

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