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  Zhengzhou Ruitai Refractory Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Building Materials Group's Ruitai Technology Company. It was established in 1984 and is a full-service enterprise integrating R&D, production and masonry. It is the best enterprise of "Henan Star", one of the top ten technological innovation enterprises in the building materials industry, an excellent enterprise of China Refractories Association, and a green factory of the first batch of refractory materials in China.

  The company's main products are low thermal conductivity multi-layer composite mullite for large-scale cement rotary kilns, brick magnesia iron spinel bricks, magnesium aluminum spinel bricks and coal injection pipe casting materials, kiln mouth special casting materials, anti-crust casting materials , Corundum mullite castables and other more than 80 series of products, with an annual output of 100,000 tons of various refractory products, has become a well-known product in the same industry in China, and has long-term cooperation with large cement companies at home and abroad, all achieved good results.

  Adhering to the business philosophy of “customer-centered and innovation-driven”, Zhengzhou Ruitai is striving to become the most competitive and internationally renowned comprehensive service provider of refractory materials in China, and join hands with new and old friends at home and abroad A better future.

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