Xinzheng Municipal Party Committee Deputy Mayor, Mayor Ma Zhifeng and his party visited Henan Ruitai to supervise the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control and resume work

On the morning of February 16, Ma Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Xinzheng City, accompanied by An Guangtao, party secretary of Xuedian Town, conducted investigation and supervision on the prevention and control of the company's new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and preparations for resumption of production and production.

Ruitai Technology Chairman Zeng Dafan and General Manager Chen Haishan visited Henan Ruitai for research work

On June 10, 2020, the chairman of Ruitai Technology Zeng Dafan and the general manager Chen Haishan visited Henan Ruitai for research work, and organized a meeting of Henan Ruitai middle-level managers and above, the meeting was held by the secretary and general manager of the Henan Ruitai Party Branch Zhai Yaojie presided over.

The 7th International Refractory Academic Conference and ISO/TC33 Annual Meeting were successfully held in Xi'an

The "Seventh International Refractory Academic Conference" co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Metals, the Chinese Society of Silicates, and Sinosteel Luoyang Refractory Research Institute Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Xi'an from 20-22 this month. The theme of this meeting is "more advanced refractories, greener high temperature industry".

Zhang Wentian, Chairman of the "Three Meetings" of Zhengzhou City, supervised the epidemic prevention and production and operation

Secretary of the Party branch and general manager of Ruitai, Zhai Yaojie, Henan, detailed the specific work measures of the company's epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, the reserve of epidemic prevention materials, the situation of personnel arrival and the company's business plan, and particularly introduced the workshop, restaurant, office, etc. Specific measures for the prevention and control of epidemic situations in places with more personnel are introduced, and the measures for enterprises to employ labor during the epidemic are introduced.
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